Installing new utility cables and electrical wiring is no small feat. Excavation, trenching, plowing and boring these lines takes a high level of skill and knowledge. Performance Electric Company has a long history of excellence in these kinds of jobs in Northern Nevada. Our certified power trench contractors have the equipment and training to properly excavate electrical trenching to your facility. Depending on your location, you have a number of options.

  • Temperature control systems
  • Trenching – a traditional method of burying utility cables when landscaping is not an issue; ideal for deeper excavations; cost effective, efficient and quick.
  • Cable Plowing – an alternate to trenching that utilizes a plow system to excavate and bury cable; ideal for shallower digs; minimal disruption to landscape
  • Directional Boring – The most up-to-date method for burying electrical cable; customizable for variable soil conditions and specific geographical needs; minimal environmental disruption.

Performance Electric Company offers a one year warranty on all our materials and labor involved in a commercial electrical wiring job. Aside from the excavation, we can also handle including cement cutting, compacting, chipping and other related services. We can assess your site and suggest a plan that addresses your unique needs

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